The E-commerce Growth Expert with a Klaviyo Master Touch

Brad's professional journey paints a clear picture: he is an e-commerce growth expert with a passion for customer acquisition, conversion, and retention.

From his current role as Managing Partner at Trulu Digital to his previous experience at Matalan and Bench, Brad has consistently demonstrated his ability to develop and execute successful online business strategies.


He creates unique customer journeys that help your business to grow.

Key Skills and Experience:

  • Conversion Optimization: Proven track record of improving website usability and driving conversions through strategic on-site optimization.
  • Email Marketing: Klaviyo Master, skilled in crafting engaging email flows and leveraging automation to nurture leads and boost sales.
  • Data Analysis: Strong analytical skills for understanding customer behavior and tailoring marketing efforts for maximum impact.
  • Team Leadership: Experienced in managing and motivating cross-functional teams, including merchandising, customer service, and marketing.
  • Project Management: Adept at using various project management tools to ensure efficient project execution and delivery.

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Klaviyo Master:

Brad’s Klaviyo Master certification highlights his expertise in this powerful email marketing platform. This specialized knowledge positions him to design and implement data-driven email campaigns that drive engagement, conversions, and revenue for his clients.

Proven track record of improving website usability and driving conversions through strategic on-site optimization.

Building Retention Machines:

Brad’s approach focuses on building “retention machines” for businesses. This involves going beyond just acquiring new customers to fostering long-term relationships and repeat purchases. His experience with on-site optimization, email automation, and customer reviews/loyalty programs demonstrates his understanding of the various levers that can be pulled to achieve this goal.

In Conclusion:

If you’re looking for an e-commerce growth expert who can help you attract new customers, convert them into loyal buyers, and ultimately build a thriving online business, Brad’s combination of skills, experience, and Klaviyo mastery make him a valuable asset.


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