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Examples of email automation

Customer Welcome series : This is when a customer first signs up to receive your marketing emails, that can be as part of a lead generation campaign, post purchase or simply adding their email address into the sign up box on your homepage.


Cart Recovery : This is a series of emails sent after a customer has added a product to their basket but has ( for any number of reasons) not completed the purchase. 


Lapsed Customer : This series is can split into three additional series (depending on the life cycle of your customer), for example, three months lapsed, six month lapsed and 12 months lapsed. ‘lapsed being defined as an customer who is signed up to receive your marketing emails but has not made a purchase in the given period of time’.

what is email automation

In its simplest form: Email automation is the process of sending a triggered message to a customer at a specific point in their journey. 

Email automations can be as simple or as advanced as your ESP will allow but there are a number of ‘must have’s’ if you really want to see the benefits of these messages.  


The overall aim with automations is two fold, 

1. You don’t want customers going extended period of time without seeing them engage with an email and ultimately make a purchase 


2. You want your customer to know they are of value, whether thats at initial sign up ‘Thank you for signing up – This is what you can expect from us’ or when they haven’t purchased for a year – W e know its been a while and we miss you, just wanted to say hey’ 


Open rates

It’s been shown time and time again that although these emails are sent with predetermined parameters and rules sets, they have fantastic open rates. Why? 

Because they are based on actions made by the customers. They are relevant to purchase habits, life cycle or initial engagement with the brand. 

Welcome Email
Average Open Rate 91%
Abandon Basket
Average Open Rate 70%
Lapsed Customer
Average Open Rate 95%
General Marketing Emails

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Ask more questions

To make the most of your email marketing you need to understand your customer, to do this you simply ask more questions. 

How do you do this? 



Though consistent conversation and the addition of a preference centre. 


Preference centres allow the customer to tell you want they want and how often, are they a shopper who likes an offer or promotion, do they shop for themselves or the whole family, do they only want one email a month telling them whats new? all of these things can be learnt through the addition of preference control. 

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